Do you have a tired looking website?  Did you hire that 16 year old who knows things about computers and it didn’t pan out?  We can help you out.  With years of experience combined, Mills & Young has the expertise to craft an online presence that you will be proud to show off.  Get in touch with us to get started!

Mobile Apps

The true sign that your business has made it to the ‘big league’.  Organizations that want to make a big splash, opt for a mobile app for iOS and Android.  Keep in mind that Mobile Apps don’t always have to be open to the public.  Have an amazing idea for how to transform your business internally?  Maybe a custom system that would be life changing  for your employees?  How about something that will send productivity through the roof?  Let us help you out!

Website Hosting

Making a website is one thing, but you have to put it somewhere for the world to see. Hosting is something that is not possible to go without. There are many hosting companies out there that all perform the same services. What sets Mills & Young apart is our drive to make sure we are always available. By us acting as the host, we have direct access for maintenance purposes which allows us to address any concerns you may have. Costs for hosting is on the prices page. Not only can we build it, we can host it. We are a true one stop shop for all your online presence needs.

Graphic Design

Mills & Young gives you the opportunity to create a brand identity and web presence in one place. With skilled in-house design, your project will stay local with great dialogue between Mills & Young and you. You brand is important to you, and it’s important to us. Trust us to make you stand out from the crowd, and make an amazing first impression on anyone who sees your identity.

Custom Projects

We have worked with other business collaboratively and we have helped to contribute to some pretty cool projects.  Does your idea not fit into an app, or a website?  What if it is totally custom software?  Maybe a WordPress plugin, Drupal Plugin, Wix help, you name it…we do it.

Our Skills

We keep our skills up to date to better serve you. We are lifelong learners and we take pride in the fact we are up to date on the latest web trends.


We ensure that we design with a ‘mobile first’ mindset.  Most people visit sites on their mobile devices before their home computer or laptop.  Is your site ready?


Need someone to help get your business into e-commerce?  Let us help!  With experience in the online store front game, you can feel confident that you will get from brick and mortar only to e-commerce in no time.


Looking for opinions on your current site?  We are happy to provide consultations at no charge.  No funny business, just totally honesty.  We will tell you (in our opinion of course) what needs help and what is just fine!


In an age full of spam, malware, ransomware, and any other scam to come around the corner; Mills & Young has the skill and expertise to help you make decisions that will keep your investment safe.